Update: Memories feature is now ready. Save your best role plays!

Hi GetIdol community! We are dropping a bunch of cool new features for our interactive story builder to help you get that perfect chat history. Here are some of them

Cool New AI Text and Image Features

Regenerate Response: Not happy with the Idol’s response? You can now regenerate their last response!

Snap > Picture Control: We all love pictures. Picture Control (under the Snap function) allows you to suggest how your Idol picture should look like. Put together a compelling visual story by suggesting the right pictures at the right time! *VIP Only

Picture Consistency: We made pictures more consistent with the initial picture so that your Idol remains more in the scene based on the first image you receive. 

Picture Regeneration (Dynamic): We allow you to regenerate the picture your Idol sends you. For those more technically inclined, we randomize the seed that generates the image. This means you can get vastly different settings or clothes. Pick from your favorite picture and continue the story.

Delete Images in Stash: After getting your perfect picture, remember to add it to your Stash! We now allow you to delete images in your Stash so you can build your perfect picture collection

Sneak Preview

Memories: You built the perfect story and chat history. We will soon allow you to save a chat history so you can create multiple memories of your favorite Idol. *VIP Only

Head over now to give these new features a try!