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Thank you for joining the GetIdol community. GetIdol is a platform for creative roleplay for adults. We are building a vibrant community for Players and Creators to create and explore a world of fun and excitement. We are proud to announce incredible growth in our community as we bring AI-generated fun to thousands of new Players daily.

!!! We are announcing a World Special loosely inspired by Game of Thrones and some prizes.

New WORLD SPECIAL coming soon to getidol #gameofthones#GOT

♬ original sound – GetIdol –

We are testing in beta video gen for Idols in our awesome AI lab. Chat->Daenerys.

Creators are welcome to build GOT-inspired scenarios or Idols. Tag your Idol as GOT and be featured in this World on our mainpage. Be creative! Remember: Your Idols Your Rules.

🏆 Prize 1: Create Best Transformative Idol Loosely Inspired by GOT ($250)*

Creator with the Idol with most interactions (with multiple players) by Feb 9 midnight (US Eastern timing) gets US$250. Create Now!

Remember to tag your Idol with GOT tag and remember you can share your Idol with Share button in Chat

*Terms & Conditions apply; we cannot pay out to India, China-based residents or sanctioned countries.

🏆 Prize 2: Share fun conversations and images ($250)*

Have an image or a chat on GetIdol that impressed you, is funny or just plain wild, share on Tik Tok, Instagram or Twitter! The post with the highest interactions (like/love/retweets) by February 9 midnight (US Eastern Time) gets $250 from us.

Use #getidol with your post. Just in case, DM us your post at GetIdol (Twitter) if you think you won by February 10 midnight (US Eastern Time) in case we missed it! If you mention @getidol_com (Twitter) we will retweet you.

*Terms & Conditions apply; we cannot pay out to India, China-based residents or sanctioned countries.

👀 Sneak Peek 👀

We are launching progressively new features to support our community. We will be adding more powerful Creator tools for our Idol and Scenario builder. Keep an eye out on that Create page

We will be launching a community channel progressively on Discord. We will be building it out over time with more support and education for creators. Check it out here!

Thank you once again for joining our community and an endless world of entertainment for adults!

Your Idol Your Rules,
Laura from CS (Chat with AI Laura)
Any questions reach out to Laura your friend CS at our Twitter page

*Terms & Conditions: All payments via USDC to user wallet or through delivery of prepaid virtual Visa/Mastercard only. For legal reasons, we cannot pay out to any resident of India or China or sanctioned countries. 🙁 We reserve right to disqualify for behavior that is abusive, inauthentic or contrary to the spirit of our platform and community.